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August 15, 2013

How to encourage kids to read


* Get your youngster his or her own library card. Thanks to the popularity of e-readers, many adults would be hard pressed to locate their local library if asked to do so. But visiting the library is a great way to encourage kids to read, especially if kids have their own library cards. Kids with their own library cards tend to look at visits to the library as shopping trips where they get to make their own choices about what they’re taking home with them. And once kids reach a certain age, they can visit the library on their own.

* Share your own reading experiences with children. Kids look up to their parents and often want to mimic their behavior. So parents can set a good example by reading as well. On trips to the library, check out your own book. While you might not want to discuss every book you read with your children, discuss the books they’re reading. Chances are you read many of those same books yourself when you were a child, and discussing books with your child is a great way to improve his or her reading comprehension.

Distractions abound for today’s youngsters, who might not embrace reading as readily as they do video games or social networking. But parents can take many steps to instill a love of reading in their kids that will last a lifetime.

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Special Features

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