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August 15, 2013

Learn the early warning signs of bullying


Signs your child is the bully

Parents may not want to imagine their children bullying other students, but bullies do exist. Children who bully other kids have strong needs for power and negative dominance. They may find satisfaction in causing suffering to others. Some signs that your child may be a bully include:

* easily becoming violent with others

* having friends who bully others

* blaming others quickly

* comes home with belongings that do not belong to him or her

* getting in trouble with teachers or school administrators

* picking on siblings

* not accepting responsibility for actions

There are ways parents can teach their children to act properly when faced with a bully. First, parents should explain that bullying is not the child’s fault and he or she does not deserve to be picked on. Next, parents can let children know that being assertive but not violent with bullies may diffuse the situation, as some bullies thrive on the fear of their victims. If the bullying behavior continues, the student should speak to an adult or authority figure.

Parents of bullies may need to be especially mindful of their children’s behavior. Counseling could be necessary to determine what is compelling kids to bully other students.

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