, Kingston, NH

October 24, 2013

Epping School Board News

By Barbara Munsey

---- — EPPING —Welcome to the Epping School Board News Corner for the October 3, 2013 School Board Meeting.

Guests – The Board approved a uniform exemption for the Epping High School Volleyball Team’s Dig Pink event. The event is to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

Policy – The Board conducted a second policy reading on foundational policies, student members of school board policy, and student uniforms for athletic and other activities policy. It was recommended that disputes/exceptions to the uniform policy be addressed at administrative levels following the chain of command.

Board Committee Reports – The Board discontinued the Playground Committee due to the successful completion of the elementary playground. The Board formed the Fields Committee to study and recommend a plan to meet district needs.

District Administrator Reports – a. Administration was directed to put together a district traffic plan including signage and speed limits and discuss this plan with the police department. b. Director of Special Services reported that the bullying prevention program is in year 2 with plans underway in all schools. The district will meet with fire and police to discuss the emergency plan and training needs. Paraprofessionals have received CPR/first aid, assistive technology communication, Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI), and positive behavioral interventions trainings. The preschool has some new changes including new schedule, drop off/pick up procedures, safety/security plan, and Lively Letters (literacy curriculum). The state reported that the district has significantly exceeded state requirements on state selected indicators and parent survey participation. The district is anticipating an increase in therapy services and transportation costs. c. Business Administrator thanked Buxton Oil for reducing the district’s cost by another five cents per gallon. The LGC insurance reimbursement has been received and employees reimbursed for their share. The net district reimbursement is $256,345. The budget process is underway. The new playground passed inspection with flying colors. d. Superintendent reported that an open house survey reported that parents in all schools support starting school after Labor Day. Bus #4 has a permanent bus driver and issues seem to be resolved. Student enrollments are on target for the elementary, but are less than anticipated in the middle and high schools. NH Representatives Barbara Helmstetter and Jeffrey Harris were thanked for keeping the district updated on legislative matters and requesting feedback on new legislation. The Epping Police Department was also congratulated on receiving a school resource officer grant. e. The Board discussed the need for budget development guidelines. After much discussion administration was directed to build a flat budget and provide potential cuts of $500,000 and $1,000,000.

Next Meeting – The next meeting is scheduled for October 17. A joint meeting of the School Board, Selectmen, and Budget Committee is scheduled for October 24. Both meetings begin 7:00 p.m., in the Town Hall. Meetings are open to the public and regular meetings televised on ETV.

Epping School Board News Corner is based on draft meeting minutes and is an unofficial meeting summary. Approved meeting minutes and other district and school publications can be viewed on the Epping School District, SAU14 website at Contact information is also located on the website.