, Kingston, NH

September 26, 2013

Exeter School District News

By Michael A. Morgan

---- — EXETER - Student enrollments generally fluctuate during the school year and official records are maintained and provide annual comparisons of information available on October 1st each year. September enrollments show some minor variations from the 2012-2013 school year.

Actual enrollment as of September 4, 2013 is as follows: Exeter High School - 1697; Cooperative Middle School – 1369; East Kingston Elementary School – 176; Main Street School, Exeter – 482; Lincoln Street School, Exeter – 542; Kensington Elementary School – 134; Newfields Elementary School – 135; Swasey Central School, Brentwood – 343; and Stratham Memorial School – 617. More detail about student enrollment, especially with regard to an annual comparison and/or trends, will be provided in October.

Cost Per Pupil by District - Each year, the State of New Hampshire receives information relative to the cost per pupil for the past school year. This actual cost includes all services provided to students. It encompasses staff salaries and benefits, books, supplies, facility upkeep and maintenance, and extracurricular activities. In order to maintain some level of consistency among school districts in the state, this figure does not include student transportation, food service, debt service, or out-of-district special education costs.

These numbers are subject to change after review by the New Hampshire Department of Education and the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration. Preliminary figures for 2012-2013 are as follows: Brentwood - $12,996.17; East Kingston - $14,079.42; Exeter - $14,555.75; Exeter Region Cooperative - $12,684.44; Kensington - $15,691.89; Newfields - $15,881.56; and Stratham - $14,129.83.

Upon entering the main lobby at East Kingston Elementary School (EKES), one immediately notices The Tree of Kindness that is decorated with leaves in honor of students who have performed random acts of kindness. Each Friday, during the school’s Morning Meeting, Principal Jim Eaves announces the weekly additions to the Tree of Kindness and those students receive a “Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible” sticker. The Tree of Kindness was created several years ago by classroom assistants and it continues to stand as a true symbol to visitors that the school is a caring community.

Lauren Gagnon, the author of Exeter ABC, is donating a copy of her book to every kindergarten student at Main Street School (MSS) as part of Exeter’s 375th anniversary celebration. Ms. Gagnon is also doing this to honor MSS kindergarten teacher, Susan Drinker, for inspiring her to write this book.

For the fourth consecutive year the parents of new kindergarten students at Kensington Elementary School (KES) were treated at the end of August to a “Boo Hoo Breakfast” that is sponsored by the parents of first graders. After dropping off their children to the care of the kindergarten teachers and staff, these new parents had a wonderful opportunity to talk with other KES parents and the principal.

In preparing for another year of community service initiatives at the Cooperative Middle School CMS), students will soon be treated to an outstanding presentation from former National Football League player and military service veteran Joe Tate. He will challenge the students to work hard and value the importance of community service in a wide variety of ways.

Fourth grade students at Swasey Central School (SCS) recently participated in “STEM Camp” where they were exposed to an exciting variety of conversations and hands-on learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Already the teachers and students are looking forward to a positive energy both in and out of the classroom. Students have also been encouraged to learn more about the many opportunities available to them through “Khan Academy” which can be easily accessed through the Internet. It is a key resource for learning about some new and exciting information.