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May 23, 2013

EMS News

Carriage Towne News

---- — EPPING — Epping Middle School (EMS) is pleased to announce the following activities and programs.

Sixth Graders Clean Up Wallis Sands: On April 16, in conjunction with the Blue Green Society for Marine Conservation of Portsmouth, 84 sixth grade students and 11 chaperones collected 59 pounds of trash from the beaches at Wallis Sands. This project, under the supervision of Language Arts Teacher Mandy Beidleman, is aligned with the sixth grade project theme of Global Awareness and Environmental issues.

Prior to the trip, students listened to a guest speaker from the Society on April 11. She explained what the organization does, including its work with the protection of whales. The dangers of trash to marine life were outlined with examples such as how birds will eat plastic, which they cannot digest. They eventually die of starvation as their stomachs seem full to them and they stop eating. Instructions were also given in the event that students come across injured animals. Students were also informed of how long it actually takes for different types of trash to break down. Congratulations to the Yale Team for doing their part to help our environment!

Bullying Presentations to Be Held: Malcolm Smith, PhD., Family Life and Family Policy Specialist, and Rick Alleva, EdD, Youth and Family Field Specialist, from the UNH Cooperative Extension, will hold several presentations on understanding bullying. On May 2 grades 5-8 attended the presentation and the faculty attended after school. On May 16 grades 9-12 will attend. The parent presentation will be held from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the EHS gym on May 16. Topics for students will include: “How students can make a difference,” and “Get involved; be an upstander.” Parent information will cover: “Bullying: What Is It? Where/How Dies It Occur?; 10 Myths about Bullying and Facts; Characteristics of Bullying and Cyber Bullying; Roles/Needs of Bullies, Victims and Bystanders; What Parents Can Do - with their child, with other parents and schools/youth programs.

Amended Pride Honor Roll for the 3rd Quarter: Highest Honors in Learning: Meghan Galante, Allison Nee, Casey Needham, Lily O’Connell, Julianna Re from the Yale Team (6); Maylee Gagnon, Konrad Hodgman, and Chloe Meyers from the Harvard Team (7).

Highest Honors Work Habits/Effort: Meghan Galante, Allison Nee, Casey Needham, Lily O’Connell, and Julianna Re from the Yale Team (6); Maylee Gagnon, Victoria Maestas, Chloe Meyers, Rebecca Milbury, and Katie Pelletier from the Harvard Team (7); Emily Donovan, and Sophie Jordan from the Dartmouth Team (8).

Honors in Learning: MiKayla Ball, Addison Bickford, Sarah Braese, Hunter Bullock, Benjamin Colban, Ryan Donovan, Madison Downing, Kori Ellis, Colin Farris, Benjamin Fowler,Gage Gaudreau, Amber George, Gracia Jordan, Owen Joyal, Emilie LeBlanc, Matthew LeBlanc, Adam LePage, Megan Marasca, Ashley Martin, Maya Martin, Rachel Martin, Cerys McCabe, Alexis McDuffee, Destiny McKay, Casey Munguia, MacKenzie Newman, Jennifer Nikolova, Zachary Oumansour, Christopher Peck, Haskel Pim, Richard Pitkanen, Kiana Pond, Shelby Prestridge, Lauren Robbins, Michaela Sable, Morgan Shanley, Abby Simard, and Ashlyn Vensel from the Yale Team (6); Marissa Adams, Keelin Berger, Jacob Bisaillon, Gaven Blakney, Everett Brown, Jr., Evelyn Carleton, Emma Coolidge, Jesse Ellis, Rianna Greenwood, Veronica Hackett, Parker Holt, Morgan Lambert, Damien LoPresti, Victoria Maestas, Rebecca Milbury, Katie Pelletier, Catriona Poulin, Tyler Wall, Kayla Wells, and Caleb West from the Harvard Team (7); Madelyn Bentz, Emily Colban, Emily Donovan, Sophie Jordan, Carson Lustenberger, Brandi McKay, Danielle McKay, Jacob McKay, Michael McKay, Jr., Brenna Osgood, Sabrina Patterson, Matthew Pipitone, and Sophia Randall from the Dartmouth Team (8).

Seventh Grade Attends Nature’s Classroom: The seventh grade team attended Nature’s Classroom in Groton, MA from April 15–19. The students took part in classes that included dissecting rats, frogs, pigs, sharks, and squid. In addition, there were classes in building bridges, making yogurt, egg drop, the colors of the rainbow, and the history of witches. Students also had the opportunity to explore Nature with their field groups. The highlight of the week was the reenactment of the Underground Railroad, tying the experience to discrimination, exclusion, and bullying.

Pride Assembly: Recently EMS held a Pride Assembly for Guiding Principle #1 and Guiding Principle #2. Those receiving certificates for Guiding Principle #1, “Respect and encourage the right to teach and the right to learn at all times,” were: Garrett Snyder from the Dartmouth Team (8); the Harvard Team(7) was at Nature’s Classroom; Jenna Lavoie from the Yale Team (6); and Owen Joyal from the Unified Arts Team. Those receiving certificates for Guiding Principle #6, “Be actively engaged in learning; ask questions, collaborate and seek solutions,” were: Jacob McKay from the Dartmouth Team (8); the Harvard Team (7) was at Nature’s Classroom; Adam LePage from the Yale Team (6); and Sarah Parenteau from the Unified Arts Team. Congratulations to all for a job well done. Students who did “Nice Moves” for classmates, teachers or staff were also recognized at the Pride Assembly. Students are given raffle tickets when they are observed doing something considerate for someone else. The students entered into the raffle are randomly drawn. Those receiving free ice creams or free snacks were: Maylee Gagnon, Parker Holt, Sarah Parenteau, Ryan Sylvain, Evika Toth, and Timmothy Verb. Congratulation to all!