, Kingston, NH

April 18, 2013

Sanborn Connection

Full-day Kindergarten a Reality in Sanborn

By Dr. Brian J. Blake

---- — KINGSTON – As you are aware, the proposed budget was defeated at the polls in March. This budget contained the provisions to offer a full day kindergarten program to our students. The leadership team spent considerable time looking at our budget priorities and determined that the full day kindergarten program was at the top of the list for our students. The research and results support the importance of full day kindergarten, especially in light of the Common Core Standards. We believe that a full day program is a key component of becoming a top performing school district.

The leadership team has worked diligently to identify reductions in other areas of our budget so that the full day kindergarten program could become a reality. We are happy to announce that we have identified reductions that will enable us to provide a full day program next year. The list of reductions was presented and approved by the school board at their April 3rd meeting.

The changes to the 2013-2014 budget include reducing an additional teaching position at the high school, reducing a teacher at the elementary school to part time, moving some capital improvement projects up in the schedule, and reducing or eliminating miscellaneous items from several areas of the budget. We are confident that these reductions will enable us to provide the full day kindergarten program with limited impact on the other areas of the school program.

Parents and staff alike are pleased that we are able to provide a full day program to our students. We have received numerous positive comments about the expansion to a full day program including one parent who decided to take her home off of the real estate market and have her child attend our full day program. We anticipate an increase enrollment in our kindergarten programs as a result of the full day offering.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through this process to better serve the children of our community.