, Kingston, NH

May 16, 2013

Blowing Bubbles at Pollard

Carriage Towne News

---- — Pollard School 2nd graders Hannah Perron, Avery Patles, and Emma Soucy are enjoying the science of bubble blowing.  The class was investigating whether name brand dish soap produced more and better bubbles than generic brand soap as part of Pollard School’s Science Enrichment Day.

Pollard School hosted a school wide science enrichment day on April 12.  Over twenty-five local volunteers donated time to create and teach mini workshops during the school day on science topics that they are passionate about.  Volunteers included parents and also local business people.  They shared how science connects to their everyday life, whether it be through a hobby or in their career.  Presenters included science topics such as astronomy, maple sugaring, ground water flow, aquatic ecology, forensic science, fire science, the South Pole, nutrition, medical lab science, the solar system, plants, recycling, bubbles, water, computer science, reflexes, and animals.

Students from Timberlane Middle School 7th grade science and the Timberlane High School Science Honor club also joined us as presenters.  They created interesting lessons to share with the kids. 

Students also enjoyed an assembly called A Passion for Birds with Henry Lappen.  He used handcrafted masks and mime to teach us about the diversity and adaptation of birds to their environment.  Some audience members participated by donning the masks and moving their bodies on stage just like real birds do.

The students said this was one of the best days of school ever!  They had fun, participated in hands on activities and in interactive demonstrations while learning new things.