, Kingston, NH

December 5, 2013

Students Prepare for Trip

Carriage Towne News

---- — EPPING - Epping Middle School’s eighth graders raised $2,994 from their turkey raffle to offset the cost of their spring trip to Washington, DC. Because all food items in the turkey dinner baskets were donated by faculty and staff, students were able to apply their individual sales of raffle tickets to directly offset the cost of their trips. Top sellers, Dawson Wilson ($316) and Kam Martin ($310), were able to pay for nearly half the cost of their trips.

The winners were: Victoria Maestas; Tom Dwyer, sold by Becky Milbury; Judy Wells, sold by Kayla Wells; Amy Bean, sold by Keelin Berger; and Sally Gagnon, sold by Maylee Gagnon.

Faculty and staff donations included: Mrs. Sturzo, Ms. Hebert, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Repucci, Mr. Christie (turkeys); Mrs. LaPlante, Mr. DeGruttola, Ms. MacFarland, Mrs. McGeough, Mr. Mosca, Ms. Weisberg, Mrs. Booth, Mr. Bouchard, Ms. Colgan, Mrs. Langlais, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Thompson. Thanks also to the eighth grade Iron Chefs who made the homemade pumpkin pies.