, Kingston, NH

August 22, 2013

Epping School Board News

By Barbara Munsey

---- — EPPING - Welcome to the Epping School Board News Corner for the August 1, 2013 School Board Meeting.

Policy – Policy EBBC First Aid and Emergency Care was approved. A second reading was conducted on the revised Policy JLCJ Concussions and Head Injuries. The revision permits supervised gradual return to play under supervision of medical practitioner and athletic trainer.

Administrative Reports – The EES, EMS, and EHS Student Handbooks and Athletic Handbooks were approved. The District Parent Notification of Rights and Staff Handbooks were approved.

Financial – School/district affiliated groups have been contacted about submitting their year-end and new-year budget figures with their 2013-2014 agreements in order to fundraise in the schools. The playground project is on schedule. The Board awarded the stone bid to Gatchell Excavation and certified wood chip bid to P.R. Russell. The Board awarded the copier bid to Conway. The field repair bid was awarded to Future Supply.

Personnel – The Board approved the resignation of EES Teacher Robin Yergeau and ESOL Teacher Jennifer Tincher. The Board authorized District Office to select a school board secretary.

Other – The Superintendent presented the 2013-2014 School District Model “21st Century Outcomes for College, Career and Life Ready Students”, action plan, and goals. The Board approved the goals as presented.

Epping School Board News Corner is based on draft meeting minutes and is an unofficial meeting summary. Approved meeting minutes and other district and school publications can be viewed on the Epping School District, SAU14 website at Contact information is also located on the website.