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May 2, 2013

EMS Pride Honor Roll

EPPING — Epping Middle School is pleased to announce the Pride Honor Roll for the third quarter of the 2012-2013 school year.

Highest Honors in Learning: Allison Nee, Casey Needham, Lily O’Connell, Julianna Re from the Yale Team (6); Maylee Gagnon, Konrad Hodgman, and Chloe Meyers from the Harvard Team (7).

Highest Honors Work Habits/Effort: Meghan Galante, Allison Nee, Casey Needham, Lily O’Connell, and Julianna Re from the Yale Team (6); Maylee Gagnon, Victoria Maestas, Chloe Meyers, Rebecca Milbury, and Katie Pelletier from the Harvard Team (7); Emily Donovan, and Sophie Jordan from the Dartmouth Team (8).

Honors in Learning: MiKayla Ball, Addison Bickford, Sarah Braese, Hunter Bullock, Benjamin Colban, Ryan Donovan, Madison Downing, Kori Ellis, Colin Farris, Benjamin Fowler, Meghan Galante, Gage Gaudreau, Amber George, Gracia Jordan, Owen Joyal, Emilie LeBlanc, Matthew LeBlanc, Adam LePage, Megan Marasca, Ashley Martin, Maya Martin, Rachel Martin, Cerys McCabe, Alexis McDuffee, Destiny McKay, Casey Munguia, MacKenzie Newman, Jennifer Nikolova, Zachary Oumansour, Christopher Peck, Haskel Pim, Richard Pitkanen, Kiana Pond, Shelby Prestridge, Lauren Robbins, Michaela Sable, Morgan Shanley, Abby Simard, and Ashlyn Vensel from the Yale Team (6); Marissa Adams, Keelin Berger, Jacob Bisaillon, Gaven Blakney, Everett Brown, Jr., Evelyn Carleton, Emma Coolidge, Jesse Ellis, Rianna Greenwood, Veronica Hackett, Parker Holt, Morgan Lambert, Damien LoPresti, Victoria Maestas, Rebecca Milbury, Katie Pelletier, Catriona Poulin, Tyler Wall, Kayla Wells, and Caleb West from the Harvard Team (7); Madelyn Bentz, Emily Colban, Emily Donovan, Sophie Jordan, Carson Lustenberger, Brandi McKay, Danielle McKay, Jacob McKay, Michael McKay, Jr., Brenna Osgood, Sabrina Patterson, Matthew Pipitone, and Sophia Randall from the Dartmouth Team (8).

Congratulations to all for a job well done!

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School News
  •  Successful Conservation Collaboration

    On June 17, the sophomore class of Sanborn Regional High School made a field trip to the Old Frye Town Forest, one of Kingston's five town forests, to assist the Kingston Conservation Commission in the removal of invasive plants from the area near the trailhead, notably, an extensive and aggressive patch of Japanese knotweed. This project was the culmination of the school's third year of intra-curricular collaboration with the Commission to address local environmental issues, and to make conservation an area of study and research. Congratulations from the Commission to the teachers and students for a job well done!

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  • Volunteer of the Year

    Atkinson Academy Elementary School has named its Volunteer of the Year for 2014. Timberlane Regional High School graduate Ashley Higham, right, received the award from teacher Meredith Bastien, pictured left. Ashley volunteered her services three days a week for two hours in 5-K Intensive Needs classes during the school year.

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  • July 11, 2014
  • Sanborn Class of 2014

    Sanborn Regional High School Class of 2014 held commencement exercises in the school gymnasium with the School Song, “Dear Old Sanborn” etched in their minds. Ready for the big moment are friends, from left, Kylee Pailes, Fremont; Devlin McIntire, Fremont; and Lexi Kalinowski, Newton.

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