, Kingston, NH

September 5, 2013

Epping School Board News

By Barbara Munsey

---- — EPPING - Welcome to the Epping School Board News Corner for the August 15 and, 2013,School Board Meetings.

Policy – The revised Policy JLCJ Concussions and Head Injuries was approved. The revision permits supervised gradual return to play under supervision of medical practitioner and athletic trainer.

Financial – a. School/district affiliated agreements with All Sports Booster Club, Blue Devils Special Olympics NH, EES PTO, Project Graduation, and TEMPO were approved. These agreements are required to fundraise in the schools. b. The Board approved $24,880 expenditure for the emergency repair of the elementary oil tank and $24,880 in revenue from the fund balance retention fund to offset the expense. c. The 2012-2013 financial figures were presented and the state documents signed. The year ended with a fund balance of $211,876 with $174,756 under expenditure, $16,587 over revenue, and $20,533 audit adjustment. The under expenditure was mostly due to health and dental rates coming in less than the guaranteed maximum rate. The additional revenue was due to a tuition payment. After the capital reserve payment of $50,000, the fund balance is $161,876. d. The estimated 2013-2014 revenues at budget time are reported to be $61,432 less primarily due to a reduction in the state education grant. e. The Board voted to retain $100,000 of the fund balance and return $61,876 to cover the estimated reduction in revenue. f. Tuition rates were approved per the state requirements. The 2013-2014 tuition rates are $13,551 ($2 less than previous year) for the elementary school, $14,313 ($112 less than the previous year) for the middle school, and $13,864 ($2,117 less than the previous year) for the high school. The significant reduction in high school tuition rate is due to special education tuition and transportation for out-of-district students.

Personnel – The Board welcomed the new Board Secretary Rebecca Myers. The Board approved Keely Gott as EHS Special Education Teacher, Elizabeth Tong as District ESOL Teacher, Kathleen Gillis as EES Kindergarten Teacher, Katherine Van Nostrand as EMS Social Studies Teacher, and Charisse Thompson as EES Technology Teacher. The Board did not approve the revised administrative model for the middle and high schools.

Other – The district is taking precautions regarding EEE and West Nile Virus due to a recent health alert. More information is located on the district website at

Next Meeting – The next meeting is scheduled for Thurs., 5, at 7:00 p. ., the Town Hall. Meetings are open to the public and regular meetings televised on ETV.

Epping School Board News Corner is based on draft meeting minutes and is an unofficial meeting summary. Approved meeting minutes and other district and school publications can be viewed on the Epping School District, SAU14 website at Contact information is also located on the website.