, Kingston, NH

July 11, 2013

Superintendent's Report

By Michael A. Morgan
Superintendent of Schools - SAU 16

---- — By Michael A. Morgan, Superintendent of Schools - SAU 16

EXETER —Seventeen members of the teaching staff in the various SAU 16 schools are retiring at the end of this school year. These dedicated individuals represent a total of 377 years of service to their respective schools. Please recognize the excellent work of the following professional educators and celebrate their contributions to their students, families, and the community.

Exeter: Kathy Bean—Main Street School—24 years; Barbara Egan—Main Street School—23 years; Glenn Russell—Lincoln Street School—20 years; and Carol Simard—Lincoln Street School—31 years. Exeter Region Cooperative: Linda Cutler—Seacoast School of Technology—17 years; Paul Delnero—Exeter High School—18 years; Elizabeth DeSimone—Exeter High School—10 years; Robert Jordan—Cooperative Middle School—32 years; Terry Moher—Exeter High School—34 years; James Huebner—Exeter High School—15 years; East Kingston: Judith Hayes—16 years; Kensington: Mary Knightly—42 years; Nancy Roffman—19 years; Newfields: Linda Vander Els—15 years; Stratham: Yvonne Bates—6 years; Karen Hadfield—19 years; and Donna Lee—36 years.

Fifth Graders Moving On: Almost 440 students in SAU 16 celebrated the completion of Fifth Grade and are preparing to move to middle school this fall. The vast majority of these students will be attending the Cooperative Middle School, but a few will be moving out of the area or enrolling in a charter school or a private school.

Channel 13the SAU 16 Educational Channel: The SAU 16 Educational Channel is completing its second year of service to the six towns that comprise the SAU. Thanks in large measure to the Town of Exeter and the cooperation of Comcast and the neighboring communities, all Comcast subscribers in the towns of Brentwood, East Kingston, Exeter, Kensington, Newfields, and Stratham are able to view school-related programs on Channel 13. The efforts of Channel 13’s primary coordinators, Doug York and Jim Fellows, are greatly appreciated because they have been able to substantially increase program offerings and bulletin board announcements relating to all of the schools within the SAU.

State Championships at Exeter High School: Accolades are given this year to six Exeter High School State Championship teams for capturing honors in Football, Girls Soccer, Girls Alpine Skiing, Boys Swimming and Diving, Bass Fishing and Baseball. The student athletes and their coaches are commended for their outstanding sportsmanship and for the excellent recognition that they have brought to the strong Blue Hawk tradition.

The Three C’sCurriculum, Communication, Community Service: This year twenty kindergarten students from Stratham Memorial School (SMS) were selected to participate in the Exeter High School Graduation for the Class of 2013. Continuing the important tradition of having the younger children march in the formal introductory procession with the graduates, the kindergarteners performed with the EHS Senior Choir and joined in the Pledge of Allegiance. What an impressive welcome to the EHS Class of 2025!

Summer Reading Camp 2013 for students at Main Street School (MSS) will host over 120 students for 12 hours each week for four weeks beginning on June 25. This excellent opportunity for students supports the development of reading and math skills and serves to reinforce many of the academic skills that the children learn during the traditional school year.

Many varied and exciting learning activities were provided at the end of the school year for the students at Lincoln Street School (LSS). This included an assembly with meteorologist Josh Judge from Channel 9 which was part of the Grade Four study of weather. Students in Grade Three participated in a very active simulation of Ellis Island as part of its study of immigration and how that influenced US History. Students in Grade Five focused on their own health and the values of being good citizens as developed through the DARE program which is coordinated with the cooperation of the Exeter Police Department with the significant involvement of Officer Ryan Veno.