, Kingston, NH

April 24, 2014

Epping School Board News

By Barbara Munsey

---- — EPPING - Over the past few years the Epping School District has made administrative reductions at both the school and district level in response to changing student needs and fiscal realities. At the same time increasing demands from state curriculum, assessment, professional development, and evaluation requirements have taken more administrative time. This school year staff, administration, and parents have provided feedback requesting that the district re-evaluate these administrative changes to better meet the needs of students, staff, and community.

Throughout the school year the Epping School Board has continued to discuss this feedback and assess various administrative models. It has been determined that there is a definite need and the best administrative model is one principal and one assistant principal for each school. In order to best serve students, staff, and community the district will be implementing this administrative model next school year.

Personnel presently serving as administrators will continue in existing or new roles. Mr. Mark Vallone and Ms. Erin Milbury will continue to serve Epping Elementary School as Principal and Assistant Principal respectively. Ms. Christine Hebert will continue to serve Epping Middle School as Assistant Principal. The District has posted an opening for Middle School Principal. Mr. Kyle Repucci will continue to serve Epping High School as School Principal. The District has posted an opening for High School Assistant Principal. School staff, students, and parents are encouraged to participate in the selection process. More information is and will be posted on the district website at