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June 20, 2013

Voice Library at KES

KENSINGTON —The Voice Library, previously acclaimed by ABC for their unique and effective approach in aiding those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, paired up with Kensington Elementary School for yet another meaningful project. Not only is storytelling cool again, but it is making a full come back and not a moment too soon.

The Voice Library is the world’s leading group of raconteurs, inviting everyone with a story to tell it, and to take it further by sharing it. Through The Voice Library your stories can be heard and shared at any time and any place in the world with or without internet access; all you need is a telephone!

KES teachers Mrs. Haugh and Mrs. Danusis collaborated with TVL’s founder, Al Brandano to inspire students. These teachers and their school were willing to be creative pioneers in education. The rewards, although modest, boast countless benefits.

The fourth grade class at Kensington Elementary School, taught by Mrs. Haugh, had currently been studying memoirs. They were reading about the authors themselves and writing their own memoirs. Danusis spoke about “bringing storytelling back into the kids’ lives,” and to “bridge the gap between the students here and the community members.” Mrs. Haugh’s fourth grade class was given the lead in curating and directing this community-legacy based audio archiving project. “The children developed some questions.. a huge list of questions,” recalled Mrs. Danusis. Enthusiasm was but the premise for all of these students. Many explored their capabilities well advanced for their age demographic. While the practice itself developed speaking and listening skills, active listening, even respect and organizational skills, the students had fun making these interviews come to fruition.

There were fourteen wonderful volunteers from the KES community that came in to share what school was like for them when they attended. Teachers Danusis and Haugh even conducted their own project within the curriculum and asked the community members about a memory they have of the town.

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School News
  •  Successful Conservation Collaboration

    On June 17, the sophomore class of Sanborn Regional High School made a field trip to the Old Frye Town Forest, one of Kingston's five town forests, to assist the Kingston Conservation Commission in the removal of invasive plants from the area near the trailhead, notably, an extensive and aggressive patch of Japanese knotweed. This project was the culmination of the school's third year of intra-curricular collaboration with the Commission to address local environmental issues, and to make conservation an area of study and research. Congratulations from the Commission to the teachers and students for a job well done!

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  • Volunteer of the Year

    Atkinson Academy Elementary School has named its Volunteer of the Year for 2014. Timberlane Regional High School graduate Ashley Higham, right, received the award from teacher Meredith Bastien, pictured left. Ashley volunteered her services three days a week for two hours in 5-K Intensive Needs classes during the school year.

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  • Sanborn Class of 2014

    Sanborn Regional High School Class of 2014 held commencement exercises in the school gymnasium with the School Song, “Dear Old Sanborn” etched in their minds. Ready for the big moment are friends, from left, Kylee Pailes, Fremont; Devlin McIntire, Fremont; and Lexi Kalinowski, Newton.

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