, Kingston, NH

October 17, 2013

Barnard School News

By Carol Dugan
Reading Specialist

---- — SOUTH HAMPTON — Who are your heroes? South Hampton’s Barnard School students celebrate Heroes this school year, kicked off by an “October is Heroes Month” school assembly. Individual students honored for acts of heroism during school include a Kindergarten student who suggests to a classmate, “How about if we work as a team?” a fifth grader who smiles warmly at others, students across the grades who persevere with difficult tasks, and an eighth grade student who did the right thing as he acted on the courage of his convictions.

Barnard School staff collaborates with South Hampton Public Library staff in search for books about heroes. In one picture book, “Wangari’s Trees of Peace: a True Story from Africa”, the girl Wangari says, “Right is right, even if you are alone.”

In language arts, students write letters to nominate their personal and public heroes for the school’s Wall of Heroes, which will extend across the road into a display at the South Hampton Library during November. In social studies, students complete projects about the heroic and historic figures they study. Other creative projects are planned at Barnard School with art, music, and technology as mediums to further the study of heroes, and to help students understand the concept of heroism.

Heroes can be leaders, risk-takers, have special talents, and other meanings of what a hero is. Heroes can be classmates, family or community members, as well as public figures such as sports heroes and presidents.

We can all be heroic. We can be heroes to ourselves.