, Kingston, NH

April 17, 2014

Epping School Board News

By Barbara Munsey

---- — EPPING - Welcome to the Epping School Board News Corner for the April 3, 2014 School Board Meeting.

Guests – The District Emergency Management Coordinator provided an update on the Emergency Management Plan. The Board approved the suspicious packages and severe weather shelter amendments. In nonpublic session the Board was received a status report on safety and security assessment.

Policy – Policy K governing school and community involvement, communications, safety, and facilities was approved.

District Administrator Reports – The Board approved a two year renewal agreement for Epping-Newmarket Cooperative Football. The Board was provided a regular fields maintenance plan by month. The District Business Administrator also reported that the district’s forecast remains stable with sufficient funds to cover the fund balance budgeted as revenue for the 2014-2015 school year and the additional capital reserve funds voted this March. The Technology Director reported on the elementary school’s technology concerns. The Board approved upgrading the district’s firewall.

Personnel – The Board approved the retirement notice of EMS Reading Teacher Bruce Christie. Mr. Christie was thanked for his 38 years of service. The 2014-2015 Paraprofessional Calendar was approved. The 2014-2016 Teachers’ Agreement was also signed.

Next Meeting – The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 17. Meetings are open to the public and regular meetings televised on ETV.

Epping School Board News Corner is based on draft meeting minutes and is an unofficial meeting summary. Approved meeting minutes and other district and school publications can be viewed on the Epping School District, SAU14 website at Contact information is also located on the website.