, Kingston, NH

April 3, 2014

Epping School Board News

By Barbara Munsey

---- — EPPING - Welcome to the Epping School Board News Corner for the March 20, 2014 School Board Meeting.

Guests – Congratulations to the Division IV Boys Basketball Champion athletes and coaches! The Epping community is proud of your accomplishments. This has been an experience that we will not forget. Thank you to the athletes, coaches, community, and fans!

Policy – Policy K governing school and community involvement, communications, safety, and facilities was subject to a third reading. No changes were made.

School Administrator Reports – The Elementary Principal reported that the Artist in Residence program is in full swing with students working on a percussion instrument project made out of recycled materials. There will be a performance of their work on March 26. Parent conferences are coming up in all schools and notices are being sent home. The school has been holding professional development on emergency planning, grading and reporting, and mathematics. There is also a musical production “Rats!” underway with a performance on April 10/11. The Board approved the EMS field trip to Washington, DC. The Middle and High School Principal reported students inducted into the National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, and SST National Honor Society. Students are working with other students on promoting reading and healthy eating and habits, providing tutoring services, and assisting with prom fashion and needs. The math club has also participated in a state-wide meet. Freshman and sophomore students have been reviewing grades and discussing the importance of completing formative and summative assessments, reassessing, and checking grades in PowerSchool. Students are also reviewing the student privileges system and generating ideas for a new system. Congratulations to all of our students for their leadership and participation in school activities! The Athletic Director expressed his pride in the Boys Basketball team and appreciation to the Epping community for their support. EMS and EHS cheerleaders have also had great seasons participating in state tournaments. Information on the NHIAA Life of an Athlete program was distributed. It was pointed out that the program will require some major policy changes. The Board agreed that this needed to be discussed at a future meeting. The Athletics Department will begin a knee safety program to help prevent or significantly reduce sports related injuries. It was also reported that there were beginning conversations on a cooperative spirit team.

Facilities and Finance – The Board was updated on the radiator leak in the elementary school and the measures taken by the district to address and rectify the problem. The 2014-2015 preschool and full day kindergarten tuition rates were approved. The MS22 Appropriations Voted was also approved. Thank you to the Epping community for supporting the school budget, teachers’ agreement, and capital reserve request!

Next Meeting – The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 3, 2014. Meetings are open to the public and regular meetings televised on ETV.

Epping School Board News Corner is based on draft meeting minutes and is an unofficial meeting summary. Approved meeting minutes and other district and school publications can be viewed on the Epping School District, SAU14 website at Contact information is also located on the website.