, Kingston, NH

January 9, 2014

Exeter School District News

By Michael A. Morgan

---- — EXETER - Community members and school staffs continue to recognize and celebrate the dedication of local individuals by nominating them for a Champion for Children award. This award is given to those individuals who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating significant involvement in programs and/or services that directly benefit the students and families of School Administrative Unit 16.

The Exeter School District recently presented this award to Mrs. Sally Holloman who has been a kindergarten classroom volunteer at Main Street School (MSS) for the past 15 years. She is a retired educator who is very active in the Riverwoods community, serving on its Education Committee and assisting with its United Day of Caring and Meals on Wheels program. On any given Monday, Mrs. Holloman visits MSS and sits on the kindergarten classroom floor to read with children. At the appropriate time, she also patiently listens when a child is ready to read to her. Each December, “Mrs. H” helps to arrange a visit of the kindergarten children from MSS to Riverwoods where they sing and spread holiday cheer to the residents. Additionally, she also volunteers for the annual PTO Fun Run in Exeter and helps by registering and cheering on the runners, passing out water, and doing whatever she can to help the program run smoothly. Her efforts celebrate children and make her a real gift to the MSS community.

School Board Seats - Terms of office for some current school board members expire in March 2014. Now is the time for interested citizens to consider serving in these capacities. Board Members whose terms, three (3) years unless otherwise noted, expire include Charles Gargaly and Amy Mitchell in Brentwood; Korrine Bork in East Kingston; Tracy Jeffers in Exeter; Gary Bonitatibus in Kensington; Kirsten Lord in Newfields; Bob O’Sullivan and Eric von der Linden in Stratham; and Kate Segal (Exeter), Dave Miller (East Kingston), Kate Clark (Kensington – 2 year term), and Mark Portu (Stratham) for the Coop. Of the thirty-three total School Board seats in SAU 16, these twelve positions will be available for (re)election. Now is the time for any interested individual to gather information about the duties and responsibilities associated with serving as a School Board member. This is a wonderful opportunity for community service!

Filing Period - Any resident over 18 years old may be a candidate for any school district office, including school board member, school district clerk, or school district moderator. Terms of office vary depending on the position. Those interested in having their names on the ballot in March 2014, must declare their candidacy in writing to the current school district clerk for their respective district between January 22 and January 31, 2014.

Population Projections - The NH Office of Energy and Planning periodically issues population forecasts for each community to help local municipalities and schools plan for changes. The most recent data available for the six towns in SAU 16 appears below and indicates some trends that may prompt review and discussion. It is provided her for information purposes only.

2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040

Brentwood 4,486 5,097 5,789 5,916 6,019 6,071 6,060

East Kingston 2,357 2,622 2,926 2,991 3,042 3,069 3,063

Exeter 14,306 14,169 14,187 14,499 14,751 14,879 14,851

Kensington 2,124 2,208 2,321 2,372 2,413 2,434 2,430

Newfields 1,680 1,718 1,777 1,816 1,847 1,863 1,860

Stratham 7,255 7,603 8,051 8,228 8,371 8,444 8,428

Coop Budget Advisory Committee - The nine-member Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) that serves the Exeter Region Cooperative School District will have three seats available for election in March 2014. Any resident of Brentwood (current member Elyse Gallo Seeley), Exeter (current member Roy Morrisette) or Kensington (current member Cheryl McDonough) will be able to be a candidate for this important position. Each term is for three-years. The filing period for interested candidates is between January 22 and January 31, 2014. Anyone interested in serving the community in this capacity may contact SAU Business Administrator Amy Ransom at or 775-8671 for additional information.

Technology continues to play an important role in supporting learning at East Kingston Elementary School (EKES). On a daily basis, students have access to the Internet through a variety of tools such as netbooks, chrome books, and iPads. The integration of three important elements is needed to facilitate this process: network access; professional development for staff; and student navigation of the network and the use of learning tools and opportunities. The EKES Technology Committee continues to explore ways to provide all of these elements to the school community.

Second graders at Swasey Central School (SCS) have been studying the Earth’s seven continents. This has included reading about each continent, finding them on a map, singing songs about them, and then constructing a salt and flour dough map of the world. This lays the foundation for the children to learn about the various holidays from around the world which culminates in a trip the Children’s Museum of Dover. Fourth graders have been very busy working on multi-digit multiplication and long division strategies. This assists the students in completing their first major performance-task math project—Thanksgiving Dinner!