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November 3, 2011

Lets Talk RCFY: November 4, 2011

by Celeste Clark and L. Mike Kappler

RAYMOND — Raymond Coalition for Youth is the proud recipient of a 2010 Drug Free Community Grant. So what does that mean?

The Drug Free Communities (DFC) program provides grants to community organizations that serve as catalysts for citizen participation in local drug prevention efforts. Coalitions are comprised of diverse groups of people, including community leaders, parents, youth, teachers, religious and fraternal organizations, health care and business professionals, law

enforcement, and the media.

There are two goals for this funding: to strengthen collaboration among youth, and over time, among adults by addressing community risk and protective factors to minimize substance abuse.

RCFY can not do this by ourselves and we hope that raising awareness to our work through this grant we will be able to involve more people in our work. There are many opportunities in this grant for people to get involved and learn more about RCFY and our efforts, some of which include: (1) our Annual Partner and Outreach event on

November 30th; (2) our monthly RCFY meeting to share information and resources; (3) joining our e-mail list for monthly e-news letters with information about collaboration and goals; (4) we can provide RCFY presentations of information and data at meetings in such venues as Parent Teacher Organization, Parent Student Organization, rotary, business leaders, Athletic Assoc., etc. Contact our office to learn more.

We will be implementing the "Communities that Care" (CTC) which will include educating key community leaders, parents, and youth in CTC model. We will be establishing a CTC committee and developing a community profile of risk and protective factors to address gaps. We will be hosting five community forums with parents, community members and leaders to share results of the profile.

We are very involved with the Raymond School District and this grant will allow us to work with the Lamprey River Elementary School guidance and health to ensure inclusion of prevention message in curriculum, offer "Project Alert" at the middle school, sponsor "Project Safeguard" for 7th graders, and provide universal strategies for "Project Success" at High School Strategy.

Parent education and information will include information sessions at school open houses to raise awareness. We will be starting "Circle Talks", an in home, party style information evening on substance abuse awareness. Please contact our office to set one up. We will have parenting skills trainings, and modern communications training (face-book, texting, etc).

Our strategies include increasing Youth Action leadership to encourage positive development amongst peers, decreasing access through education around Safe Homes contracts, Buyers Beware Sticker Shock events, education on how to report underage party hosts to the police, as well as reducing recidivism by utilizing our court diversion program - "Boomerang". In addition, this program will be expanding to be implement throughout the Candia District Court system.

Our community Strategy will include a Social Norms and Media Campaign to address how adults in our community view underage drinking and raise awareness to the importance of sharing a positive message. We will continue to promote RCFY on and - face-book as well as send out our monthly e-mail newsletter.

As we move forward we would like to extend a "Thank You" to our community, partners, businesses and families who are a part of our work. This is our grant and your continued commitment to RCFY is what makes it possible. If you would like to learn more about RCFY or get involved, please visit our website or contact us at 895-4735 x 125 or