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January 4, 2012

Let's Talk RCFY: January 5, 2012

By Celeste Clark, RCFY Director

RAYMOND —A new year is upon us, new beginnings, saying goodbye to old bad habits and setting goals for a healthy new year of success, health and happiness.

What can we plan to do to make it a successful year? One meaningful way would be to set a goal of being more involved in making the future of our young people a bright and happy one.

It really is not that difficult either. Do you know that by just saying 'Hello' to a young person you can have a positive effect on them? Saying 'Thank you' to the bagger at the grocery store, or your server who prepared your coffee or the person who held the door open for you could make all the difference in the world to that person.

Most of us can remember a time in our past that someone made us feel good about ourselves. They might have noticed a new outfit or hairstyle we have, or commented on a job well done. As adults this makes us smile and feel good. To youth comments such as these have the same effect but it goes just a little bit further because it means an adult took the time to notice them.

As adults be it a parent, teacher, store clerk, banker or stranger walking down the street, young people do look up to you, they want to know that you see them, acknowledge them and know that they exist. They have the power to become greatness and do amazing things in our world but they need the support of adults to help them get there. They need to know that they matter and people care about them.

Remember, it only takes one simple compliment, offer of praise, or positive comment on something they have done or are doing but the impact can be great. It can lead to many happy new years and a great and positive future.

RCFY (Raymond Coalition for Youth) is committed to raising awareness to the power that all adults in our communities have to make a difference in a young person's life. We have purchased several copies of Dr. Peter Bensons book 'Parent, Teacher, Mentor, Friend' and we are encouraging you to borrow it, read it and if you are as impressed as we are, and see the difference that can be made, we encourage you to pass it along to a friend. Contact our office for more details, 895 4735 x 125 or visit our website

On Behalf of the Raymond Coalition for Youth we wish you a very Happy, Healthy, Safe New Year and encourage you to plan for a wonderful, rewarding 2012 by supporting youth and Promoting Positive Choices.