, Kingston, NH

April 26, 2012

Let's Talk RCFY: Underage Drinking Dangers

By Celeste Clark, Raymond Coalition For Youth

RAYMOND — Teens, Parents and Community and Community members: join us on Tues., May 1, at 6:30 p.m., at Raymond High School, as we explore a touchy topic - alcohol and underage drinking dangers. The event is also being sponsored by Raymond High School.

Although it can be an uncomfortable conversation and one some do not think is necessary, the truth is, Teens and Alcohol are a very dangerous combination. There are so many questions and unknown dangers associated with underage drinking or even the law in regard to providing alcohol to minors.

We will take a look at what our youth see living in our town, what they are exposed to and just how easy they can access alcohol if they want it. You might be surprised to learn where some of them say they are getting it from.

Our local Raymond Police Department will be presenting what the law is in regard to underage drinking and providing to a minor. In addition, we will review how we partner together to provide resources to support parents and help them to protect their youth and home.

To wrap up the evening, we will be unveiling a summer series entertainment option that will give our youth and community a positive option to get involved and stay connected in the community.

Due to the importance of the information being discussed, we want to encourage as many teens and parents to attend as possible. RCFY has been working with our partners for donations and have funding to offer great incentives for attendance, including prom tickets or $55.00 to cover the cost, salon certificates for manicures and products, a $100.00 gift certificate for a tux rental, and gift certificates to the Tuckaway Tavern. Also, everyone who attends will receive a coupon for $5.00 off at the Ultimate Bouquet.

Please join us to support our youth and our community so that we will have a safe prom and graduation season. For more information, visit our website at or our Facebook account or contact our office at 895 4735, ext. 125 or email