The 2012 presidential election is unique in that the GOP campaign against President Obama began before he took office in 2009.

Mitch McConnell, R-KY, said "Our first priority is to see that Barack Obama is a one term president." America was in the midst of a great recession, unemployment over 9%, auto industry /banks on the verge of collapse, home foreclosures reaching epic levels and the first priority of the GOP is to oust the POTUS? Not help American citizens, but to fire the POTUS even before he takes the oath of office?

They ignored Obama's bipartisanship efforts and rejected his policies. Even policies they had suggested or supported themselves in the past. Tea Party rallies claimed Obama was a socialist, un-American, a Muslim, not born in America, and not constitutionally qualified for his office.

At his first State of the Union address one GOP member called the POTUS a liar on national television.

The GOP has implemented or attempted to implement the following outrageous policies: Michigan regulations allowing GOP state government to replace elected officials with their designees. Democrats out, Republicans in, no elections. Ohio and Wisconsin moved to reduce/eliminate union collaboration. Voter registration restrictions in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. A Pennsylvania GOP leader publicly stated that new their new voter ID law would make it possible for Romney to win the state. Ohio planned extended early voting hours in republican-leaning districts, but limited them in democratic-leaning districts.

A conservative-leaning Supreme Court ruled that Super PACs could spend unlimited amounts on political ads without disclosing the names of donors.

They lied about Obama's administration policies/accomplishments and GOP priorities. Unemployment is down; over two years of continuing job growth; lowest taxes rates in decades; GM and its thousands of jobs saved; Iraq war ended. Yet the GOP says the stimulus failed (even though GOP state officials happily took stimulus money), taxes increased, and he stole money from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. All incorrect!

After a successful 2010 election, the GOP ignored the economy and attacked women's rights, "Obamacare", voter rights, established immigration restrictions - nothing about jobs. Improving the economy would help Americans and Obama. No! Barack out of office first, America second - if at all.

Another lie of the GOP/Tea Party is small government. Wanting to control women's life decisions is not small government. If they want small government they should all resign their positions, the government will shrink.

The Tea Party's a problem. Compromise, necessary in a democracy, is not acceptable to them, thus gridlock in congress. One Tea Party representative says that bipartisanship means democrats change to agree with the GOP. During the last debt ceiling discussions, POTUS offered "compromise". It was rejected by the Tea Party.

These super rich "supporters" pouring millions into these campaigns are expecting an ROI.

To me the GOP is trying to not win but buy and steal this presidential election.

People should vote for the party/person of their choice but get all the facts before you make that choice.


Karl V. Farmer Sr.


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