Mitt Romney knows that we must control medical costs to achieve long term viability for private and government health insurance. Today's third party system is fatally flawed because consumers are often removed from the decision making process after modest co-pays or when deductible maximums are met. Thus, much of our care seems free. As a result, health care costs spiral out of control. We all bear these mounting costs in one way or another.

As president, Romney will reform today's system to make these costs manageable for all of us. He knows that consumers need to be directly involved in choosing cost effective medical treatment. One way to do this is already available to many individuals. It is a combination of paying lower premiums for a high deductible policy coupled with a Health Savings Account (HSA). Money saved on annual premiums is put tax free into the HSAs where it accumulates from year to year. The HSA money belongs to the consumer and can be spent at any time on medical expenses. If you know someone who uses the High Deductible/HSA combination, ask them how they like it. Those I've spoken to like the combination and feel they have greater control over their medical spending. In a bold plan, Mitt Romney has proposed offering future seniors a choice between continuing to receive Medicare coverage as it exists today or opting to receive a voucher to purchase private insurance tailored to their needs — potentially putting more money in seniors' pockets. Providing seniors a choice will defuse the far left's claims of the evils of "privatizing".

Romney also backs insurance sales across state lines, formation of small business groups to cut costs when purchasing insurance and tort reform to save billions in spurious law suits while eliminating unnecessary defensive medicine expenses. He will get rid of Obamacare and replace it with workable programs to affordably meet the country's needs.

President Obama thinks demagoguery will address raising medical costs and looming Medicare insolvency. Or, maybe he just thinks he knows the easiest path to re-election. I am a Romney backer because he knows that solving today's problems requires more than empty promises or demonizing opponents. His careful analysis of our problems to craft workable solutions coupled with a demonstrated ability to work on both sides of the aisle is what we need to bring back the America we all remember and long to live in again.

Mark Sykas


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