I Endorse Rick Perry

The polls have been pretty consistent for months now. Obama has reached a low that no president contemplating reelection has seen before him. We can be confident that the next president will be one of the Republican candidates that we have been seeing. The liberal media is showing their bias like never before. Obama was their creation, an obscure candidate whose background was never fully explored. So they are pursuing their agenda with dedication. Destroy all threats to the incumbent. Whoever leads in the polls go after first. The debates are trivial and superficial. This is just a "gotcha" game to embarrass each of them.

Diane Sawyer led the news every 15 minutes about Rick Perry's momentary lapse of memory as if it were disqualifying. She fails to realize that the majority of us have had similar experiences. Yet I don't know of any of the rest of us who think there are 57 states. Why didn't that get similar coverage? It is high time to look seriously at the Republican candidates. What are the backgrounds? What plans do they offer? What can they show for successful accomplishments?

These are the reason that I endorse Governor Rick Perry for our next President. Here is a man who showed a willingness to make the supreme sacrifice for our country early in his life. Right out of college Rick joined the US Air Force to become a pilot. Having similar experience, I know how challenging that program was. He later became a State Representative in Texas, then the Agriculture Commissioner, then Lt. Governor. He is now one of the longest serving Governors of Texas, a state that rarely reelects their governor. He has shown us his plan for economic recovery, and what gives it credence is the job creation that has happened in Texas. Almost forty percent of the last years new jobs were created in Texas.

I have been a long-time State Representative in New Hampshire. We have studied what other states have done when we encounter a challenge in our state's government. It is impressive how often the best solution has been done in Texas. They have led in performance budgeting, and welfare reform, and other areas of governing. Rick Perry has been an important part of that state's government for decades. Now that is a resume that deserves your approval. Let's put accomplishments ahead of empty slogans that make no sense, like "This is the best country in the world and we need to change it!" Why wasn't that questioned?

Let's stop paying attention to the media who would like nothing better than to destroy any opponent of Obama. Let's do our own thinking and help our country to recover from the worst president in our history. We need good ideas, not empty slogans. Support Rick Perry in our first-in-the-nation primary, and for President of our United States. Some of these polls amount to "who have you heard about in the news lately?" Thank You.

Representative Ken Weyler


(Editor's Note: Weyler is presently the Chairman of the NH House Finance Committee.)

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