To the Editor:

I have been thinking a lot about the changes in our Sanborn Regional School District (SRSD), and about the variety of responses the changes have triggered in our citizens.

Change can be uncomfortable for some. For others, it can bring about as little as no response at all. The very same change, and it can trigger different responses.

The fact is, change happens all the time, every day. The one constant in life is that nothing stays the same. We can become paralyzed either by clinging to the past, or by being in fear of the future. Instead we can embrace the present together, and work for the best outcomes on a day-to-day basis.

At SRSD there has been a big turnover in administrators and a big turnover in teachers in the past two years. There have been big changes. The best we can do about the changes, in my opinion, is to band together to help the top-notch new administrative team hit the ground running.

It has been a goal of the District for the past eleven years, to transform the delivery of education for our students. We have made a lot of progress from the past, and there is need for more. Let’s work together to continue the transformation for the benefit of the entire community.

Annie Collyer, Newton



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