To the Editor:

The Church has been going through her own Passion for many years, damaged from within, by Liberation Theology, Modernism, a loss of Faith in the Supernatural. Too long of a history of treachery to address here.

Many errors have invaded the Church. Mercy: without repentance there is no mercy. Fear of the Cross: America embraces Christ, but discards the Cross. Universalism: No “most” are not saved. Christ Himself tells us only few will follow the narrow and difficult road, and misconstruing “tolerance”; which more often than not equates to approval. To name a few!

One error, of greatest importance I wish to address: the Eucharist. Catholics believe in Transubstantiation: otherwise you cannot honestly call yourself Catholic. Catholics believe that we receive the true Body and Blood of Christ at the Mass, via the Consecration by the Priest. The modernists after Vatican II, reordered the Mass changing the meaning of essential Truths/ Traditions. The Mass was intended to be Lateral, praying to Heaven. Mass is about God not community. Offering to God the only pure, acceptable Sacrifice: His Beloved Son, the pure grain offering, the offering of Able and Abraham, the unblemished Lamb. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a continuation of the Jewish sacrifice, perfected by Christ’s Passion and brutal death on the Cross. Today we have a horizontal Mass, directed at the people and supposedly celebrate the Wedding Feast of the Lamb…a Cain offering. The Sacrificial character of the Roman Mass, and thus the function of the Priest was dramatically changed. Instead of offering a pure Sacrifice to the Father, he now serves as a minister at a communal meal.

Anyone who does not believe that Christ is present on the Alter and in the Tabernacle should watch this video on You Tube: Scientific Proof of a Eucharistic Miracle in Buenos Aires; there have been 36 proven Eucharistic miracles. After watching the above video, do you honestly feel that you can receive the Body of Christ from hands other than the Priests consecrated hands? Can you honestly believe that you can receive the Body of Christ in your hands, and not on the tongue?

Bishop Athanasius Schneider notes “the reverence and awe of Catholics who truly believe they are receiving Jesus in the Eucharist should lead them to kneel and receive Communion on their tongue. The awareness of the greatness of the Eucharistic mystery is demonstrated in a special way by the manner in which the body of the Lord is distributed and received.”

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass should be offered and received in such a way that is pleasing to God. Incense, hyssop and reverence are pleasing to God. The roll of the Priest follows the Old Testament into the New. The Catholic Priest follows in the Levite Tradition. Making the Traditional Catholic Mass a continuation of the Jewish Ceremony: following God’s ordained desire for how He should be worshiped. Whether we please God or man determines our path in life, and our path to salvation.

Yes, we do receive the true Body and Blood of the Lord at a valid Mass. It is your salvation, Hell is for eternity: Never ending torment. The Church is in confusion, therefore it is up to you to determine your fate. God does not compromise, God does not change; His Laws are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Learn your faith and pass it on…

Susan Carroll




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