RAYMOND — The November 30th House Session started off by removing CACR 14 from the table. CACR 14 was a Senate sister bill about public education to the House CACR 12, which the Senate has retained. The amendment passed RC 225-154,

OTP-A failed RC 114-264, attempt to lay back on table failed RC 221-158 (needed 60%); bill was killed (ITL) RC 356-24.

Next HB-474 came to the floor in an attempt to over-ride the Governor's veto. This was the right-to-work bill, which required a 2/3 of those present to pass; failed RC 240-139. Sustaining this veto was a big mistake; it should have been passed.

And last for the day, HB-542 came to the floor attempting also to over-ride the Governor's veto. This was relative to exception for objectionable material in public school courses. Bill was killed, not getting the 2/3's vote on RC 244-130.

As you can see this was not a good day for the people of New Hampshire. I was very disappointed.

Closing out November was another bad month for state revenues. A lot of this was due to hospitals, with some not paying and others using federal definitions of services, to lower their fair tax liability. Another line coming in short was tobacco revenues coming in about $3.5M short for a total of $7M for fiscal year. So far, this fiscal year's revenues are $45.8M below what was estimated when passing the budget.

Congratulations and a big "Thank You" to the Raymond's Wal-Mart Transportation Center DC 6830 for again being a big part of the "Wreaths Across America" program. Wreaths Across America is a charitable arm of the Worcester Wreath Co. in Harrington, Maine, providing over 70,000 wreaths for our national cemeteries around the world. This year, Wal-Mart donated $150K to this non-profit so over 700 locations will receive wreaths on "National Wreath Laying Day", December 10th. The Wal-Mart trailers were all painted with special graphics to raise awareness of this program.

A very nice send-off ceremony was held on the Raymond Common on Monday morning, December 5th, as the trucks prepared to start their trips. Music was provided by the

Raymond High School Band and the wreaths were blessed by Father Volney DeRosia, pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Epping.

The motto of the Wreaths Across America program is "Remember, Honor, and Teach". It is focused on remembering each veteran as an individual.

With many veterans working at the Raymond Wal-Mart Distribution Center, by participating in this program, Wal-Mart not only pays tribute to our deceased veterans, but can also show support to their fellow workers, who fought for our country.

Wal-Mart trucks will be making deliveries as follows:

Wreath funding and deliveries: two trailers to Fayetteville National Cemetery, Fayetteville, AK; one trailer to Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA.

Deliveries only: one trailer to Andrew Johnson National Cemetery, Greenville,

TN. one trailer to Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, FL, one trailer to Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, Sacramento, CA, one trailer to Natchez National Cemetery, Natchez, MS, and one trailer to Houston National Cemetery, Houston, TX.

Since 1776, over 48 million veterans have served our nation, and over 4 million of them are laid to rest in our national cemeteries. May they rest in peace.

In addition to these veterans wreaths, Wal-Mart is also providing wreaths for ceremonies to remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, with a trailer load of wreaths being delivered to World Trade Center, Battery Park in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and where Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA.

Again, "Thank You Wal-Mart" for all you do for Raymond, the neighboring towns, various organizations across the state, but also a "Special Thanks" for being a part of this very special program. Being U.S. Navy retired, I especially appreciate Wal-Mart for remembering our veterans.

(Editor's Note: NH State Representative Mike Kappler can be reached at l.mikekappler@comcast.net.)

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