RAYMOND — As required after each of the ten year census reports, redistricting is required by Federal law.

Work continues at a fast pace. I have attended several of the redistricting committee meetings to see how things are going. The full redistricting committee has several sets of plans, depending upon which towns you are looking at, but they still have a long way to go to come up with the final plan. This is very tedious work and several of the committee members, Chairman Rep.Paul Mirski, and Representatives Spec Bowers and Steve

Vaillancourt, have spent an enormous amount of time working on it. It seems that not many people have an interest in working on the plans. We should all be very thankful to these three Republican representatives that are truly working on the problem. Also, a lot of the work has been done by Aaron Goulette of the House Majority Office, and a "Thank You" to Aaron also.

The end result must meet the requirements of the Federal law and also the State Constitution, which mandate "one man, one vote". The big problem is they have to use the "3291 people per representative" as a target; then you take the population of a town, subtract that target figure as many times as you can, and that town gets that many representatives, then you work with the balance. This causes towns to join other towns with a floater representative to make up the difference. You cannot cross county lines to accomplish this floater pool. Once the plan is completed, it must be approved by the State, then by the Federal people, before the spring filing period.

When this redistricting is done, every 10 years, the House majority party at the time can re-align the floater towns as they choose giving them the edge for the next 10 years. Fair or not, redistricting is a political process

of aligning the 400 representative seats to the population as equal as possible.

You can get a lot of interesting statistics if you spend time going through the census reports. One report area

that caught my eye in the 2010 report lists 21.9 million (M) military veterans living in the US, with a breakdown as follows: 1.5M are female; 1.1M are Hispanic; 1.7M are black; 17M are white; 9M are 65 years old or older; 1.7M are under 35; and 3.3.M have a service-connected disability rating.

Congratulations to the Sanborn Jr. Indians (7th grade) Football Team for having a perfect 8-0 season. I attended all the games, and I continually saw growth, experience, and, most important, great teamwork. You came a long way, and can be very proud of your accomplishments. Again, "Well Done - Congratulations".

(Editor's Note: NH State Representative Mike Kappler can be reached at l.mikekappler@comcast.net.)

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