Students Take Ribbons at Fair

Hampstead Academy Grade Two students submitted Whale Drawings in Crayon Resist in the art exhibits of the Deerfield Fair this year and were pleased to receive a First, Second, and Third place! The entries represent the artistic piece of an integrated study of whales as part of an all-school interdisciplinary unit of study on Oceanography. 

The integration of curriculum across subject areas is an approach routinely practiced by teachers at Hampstead Academy.  Research shows that students learn best when content is made meaningful and relevant.  An integrated approach allows students to make real life connections to the content they are studying. Kirsten Soroko, Upper School Teacher, refers to Bloom’s Taxonomy with the idea that an integrated curriculum fosters learning beyond simple remembering and understanding to applying what has been learned across disciplines, analyzing that application, and ultimately being capable of critical evaluation and synthesis/creation.  Bonnie Roberts, Director of Student Affairs for the Upper School, points out that content is not broken down into separate compartments in life;  an integrated curriculum not only promotes a greater understanding of content for students, but it allows for connections to be made across disciplines, as well as to the real world.

Pictured above, from left to right, are Spencer Boumil, Ophelia Bentley, and Carter Accomando with their art teacher, Nicole Ferola.

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