RAYMOND – “Dudley Tucker Library Presents” will highlight a variety of programs held at the Raymond Library. Assistant Library Director Linda Hoelzel will produce the show and envisions programs involving local and regional authors with subjects covering a wide spectrum of interests. Hoelzel, along with All Around Raymond producer Kevin Woods, will co-host the introductions to events recorded at the library.

The first series of programs will feature the Raymond Writers Group, who recently hosted an “open mike” night at the Raymond library. Local writers had the opportunity to present their readings to a live audience. Linda and Kevin will talk with the groups moderators and learn more about the group before the writers present their stories.

“Dudley Tucker Library Presents” is scheduled to debut on RCTV Channel 13 the week of November 30th. Watch the Carriage Towne News for actual air times or visit the RCTV web page at www.raymondtv.org

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