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March 1, 2012

My Opinion: March 1, 2012

RAYMOND — The session started off passing the Consent Calendar which had a total of 96 bills, 50 that were ITL (kill). We then went to the Regular Calendar.

HB-1361 - relative to fiscal notes on bills. Fiscal notes are notes that are attached to a bill so that people reading the bill can tell if the bill will cost or save money if passed. We have been getting some notes saying "awaiting information" and other frivolous information. This bill prohibits the Legislative Budget Office from providing such notes. A-0499h YES VV. Bill passed OTP-A YES VV.

HB-1650 - relative to the interstate Health Care Compact. This compact recognizes that New Hampshire's health care needs are best solved by those here in New Hampshire, and not by Washington, DC regulators trying to force all 50 states into the same one-size-fits-all solution. Bill asks the United States Congress to vote to give NH an option in crafting their own innovative health care programs. Bill passed OTP RC 253-92. Bill goes to Commerce and Consumer Affairs as 2nd committee.

HB-1128 - relative to ignition interlock device recalibration and date reports. Bill requires that service providers of ignition interlock devices report failures to pass the breath test to the prosecutor or prosecuting agency, treatment provider, probation officer, and defense attorney by giving these entities secure electronic access to the data via the interlock provider's web-based portal. A-0425h YES VV. Bill passed OTP-A D 197-143.

HR-20 - urging the federal government to allow the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes. This resolution will urge the Congress of the United States to remove the existing barriers they impose,

enabling our state to regulate the commercial production of hemp. Resolution passed D 260-41.

HB-1281 - establishing a committee to study alternative medical insurance coverage for elected state officials. Intent is to have committee find a less expensive and more beneficial health care option for active and former elected officials. Passed OTP YES VV.

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