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May 24, 2012

My Opinion: May 24, 2012


Also the hot topic bill, SB-224, relative to lead fishing sinkers and jigs., was voted to Interim Study (IS). Since we're in the 2nd year of this House term, this is slow death for this bill. It can be studied over the summer and fall, but would have to come back next term as a new bill. Bill voted IS YES VV.

Pulled from the Consent Calendar for debate:

SB-270 - relative to civil commitment of persons found incompetent to stand trial. Bill: (1) amends the notification procedures for persons charged with a violent crime and found incompetent to stand trial. (2) expands the list of offenses which will require notification. Bill passed (roll call, vote recorded by name - RC) RC 209-46.

Our next scheduled Session was for May 15,16, and 17. All Senate bills had to be acted on by the House by May 17th. This Session's bills will be in next couple articles. Stay tuned.

The Rockingham County Executive Committee met on May 14th for a brief meeting for the purpose of voting the salaries and benefits for Elected Officials for the two year Term of Office 2013-2014 in accordance with RSA 23:7, Establishing Compensation. RSA 655:14 Filing, states the salaries and benefits must be voted on for elected officials prior to the filing date. The filing period is between the first Wednesday in June and the Friday of the following week. Fourteen (14) Representatives were present and seven (7) were absent/excused. Motion was made, seconded, and passed to recommend to full Delegation "that the salaries and benefits for elected officials remain the same". There was only one "no" vote. The full Delegation meeting was called to order, but we didn't have a quorum (46 needed) to conduct Delegation business: only 37 Representatives were present for roll call, with one more coming in late.

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