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May 24, 2012

My Opinion: May 24, 2012

RAYMOND — Our House Session of May 9th was quite a quick one with only 27 bills on the Consent Calendar, with three pulled off for debate. We quickly moved on the Regular Calendar which only had six. Bills that passed from Regular Calendar were:

SB-222 - relative to property and casualty insurance, insurance investigations, and insurance certificates. This bill: (1) makes technical corrections in the laws relating to property insurance. (2) makes minor corrections to a bill passed, by the House, last year that further clarifies the law regarding certificates of insurance. (3) clarifications were made regarding the insurance commissioner's ability to share information during investigations and examinations to include state, federal, and international regulatory agencies, provided that the recipient agrees to maintain the confidentially and privileged status of the document, material, and other information. (4) the Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee believes these changes will improve our competitive position in world insurance markets. Bill passed

SB-274 - removing the phrase "mentally defective" from the aggravated felonious sexual assault statute. The bill replaces this archaic 19th Century term with a term used by the Supreme Court to define an individual who doesn't possess the capacity to make an informed decision. Bill passed.

SB-297 - relative to the apprentice hunting license. This bill is strictly a housekeeping bill smith-wording RSA's. Passed.

SB-255 - relative to liens for land use change tax assessments. This bill restores a 6 month window, that was in effect prior to the Dem's 2010 change, for the taxpayer to pay the tax from the date of the tax levy. Bill passed.

SB-382-FN-L - allowing for pro-ration of property assessments for damaged building. This bill as amended, allows that a tax assessment may be prorated to the extent that a damaged building is unusable and extends eligibility to all buildings rather than just homes. Bill passed.

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