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May 17, 2012

My Opinion


SB-287 - relative to confidential prescription data and relative to the medical records law. Bill implements the ruling of the Supreme Court in "IMS Health, Inc. v. Sorrell, 131 S, Ct. 2653 (2011) which held that a prohibition on the use of prescriber-identifiable data in prescription records for commercial purposes violates the first Amendment. It also clarifies the release of a patient's medical information. Bill passed and goes to Governor for signature.

SB-409-FN - relative to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Bill permits the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in New Hampshire. This legislation takes effect on July 1, 2012, allowing time for any needed changes and will sunset on July 1, 2015.

SB-256 - relative to public utilities commission (PUC) contracts with consultants. Bill brings the PUC in line with other state agencies by requiring that PUC contracts with consultants above certain dollar amounts be approved by Governor and Council. Bill

Several bills were pulled from the Consent Calendar, so as not to be confused with violating House Rule #51 which states "No bill shall be on a Consent Calendar if it has a fiscal impact or appropriation".

SB-203-FN-A - relative to limited liability companies. This bill completely rewrites the law for limited liability companies (LLC). It expands the current LLC law, which has 85 sections, to 204 sections, clarifying many confusing issues. Bill passed and was sent to Ways & Means.

SB-311-FN-A - establishing a Director of the Division of Weights & Measures and relative to the setting of weights and measures fees. This division is primarily responsible for ensuring the accuracy of gas pumps, fuel gauges, grocery scales, etc. While the division is part of the Department of Agriculture, the bulk of their work is not with farms. Bill passed and sent to Executive Departments & Administration.

SB-286 - relative to a controlled drug prescription health and safety program. Bill creates a new program to monitor controlled drug dispensing. Bill passed and sent to Ways & Means.

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