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May 17, 2012

My Opinion


SB-314-FN - relative to state-owned vehicle fleet management. The original bill addressed the belief that state employees were using state vehicles for personal use, in the range of 1.5M miles per year. Bill established a mileage reimbursement procedure for use of state owned vehicles by employees based on the information attempting to recoup what was believed to be significant personal mileage reimbursements. The bill, as amended by the House, adds a new section to promote fiscal responsibility in the use of state vehicles as is currently being monitored by the Vehicle Utilization Review Committee. Amendment also establishes clear, precise, and commonly understood definition of the terms "personal use" and the IRS term of "non-business miles" and establishes the conditions under which employees must reimburse the state for their personal use miles. Bill passed OTP-A. Since it was amended by House, bill now goes back to Senate for concurrence.

SB-343-FN - establishing an independent Board of Psychologists. Bill allows NH licensed psychologists to establish their own independent board to regulate their profession. Currently they are governed by the Board of Mental Health Practices. Bill passed and sent to Ways & Means

SB-407-FN - relative to the purchasing policy of the Department of Information Technology, increasing the amount required for competitive bidding, and relative to the transfer of federal grant funds. This bill sets up a procedure that the Department of Administrative Services, Director of Plant and Property Management, and the Office of Information Technology will use for procurement of computer hardware, software, and other related items. It allows departments, with the prior approval, to transfer federal grant funds between class codes to avoid lapsing funds. The amendment will allow agencies to procure items on the approved standards list up to $5K versus the current $500. It also keeps in place the $500 limit on items not on the approved list. Bill passed and sent to Ways & Means.

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