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May 17, 2012

My Opinion

RAYMOND — The Rockingham County Executive Committee held its review of the County's 2012 first quarter budget. We debated several line items that were a little high, but found them to be things normally done and do not follow quarterly spending, such as bulk purchases which are done as needed The total appn./expenditures were 25%.

On the revenue side, the grand total was 14%. Our County employees have worked hard keeping costs down. The biomass plant will be on-line this month, and we estimate that with the cost of the wood chip contract, we may save $400K this year. That would be great. Facilities Director Jude Gates has done an outstanding job making this happen, while still performing all her other functions. A big "Thank You" to all our County employees, for their hard work.

Now let's continue with the action taken at our April 25th session. The following are more Senate bills that we passed from the Regular Calendar:

SB-404-FN - relative to funding for pupils enrolled in vocational education programs. This bill does five things affecting current state education policy regarding career and technical education (CTE) programs: (1) it changes the definition of "sending district" in an attempt to clarify the entity responsible for paying the tuition of a student attending a CTE program outside their resident district with the House's language in HB-1202. (2) returns the percentage of local tuition responsibility to the current 25%. (3) enables the state Board of Education, through its rule-making authority, to develop a new formula for determining the tuition and transportation cost for CTE programs, and new procedures for disbursement of funds. (4) removes a prohibition from the bill regarding chartered public school, chartered public school students, or any school districts in which a chartered public school is located, from receiving tuition and transportation reimbursement funds. (5) restores the ability for any district providing a CTE program to charge a "differential vocational education rate" to out of district students. Bill passed (OTP - A) and sent to Finance Committee

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