, Kingston, NH

February 14, 2013

My Opinion: February 14, 2013

By NH State Representative L. Mike Kappler
Carriage Towne News

---- — RAYMOND - Here we were at Superbowl XLVII, and my family and friends kept asking me, “Why are you rooting for the Baltimore Ravens - you know they beat our Patriots”? Here’s why.

Have you seen the movie, and I’m not a movie buff: “The Blind Side”? It’s a true story about a young homeless African-American teenager who didn’t even know who his father was, his mother was a drug addict, had never even had a bed to sleep in, and was wandering the streets of Memphis, TN, when a white couple was driving down the street. The wife saw the youth and told her husband to pull over. She talked to the teenager, told him to get in the car, and now for the rest of this true story.

They took Michael “Big Mike” Oher home, putting him up, caring for him, adopting him, getting him into educational programs, and loving him like their own children. This young teenager grew from a real “rags to riches tale”, living an incredible life’s journey, has become the man we know today as Michael Oher, #74, Baltimore Ravens Offensive Tackle, super football player.

God Bless Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy for seeing the need to help, educate, encourage, and raise Michael as one of their own. I am very happy for this great ending to this true love story, and happy and proud to root for, pray for, and hope the Ravens would win. Thanks be to God, this love story had a truly happy ending. I encourage you, if you haven’t, to get the movie and see it.

Our House Session on February 6 didn’t really have many bills of interest. Here are a few:

HB-123, relative to the limitation of liability for negligence regarding firefighters. Passed OTP-A (ought to pass amended) on Consent Calendar. As amended the bill preserves the “firemen’s rule” as originally conceived and understood, by preserving the right to sue for causes of action not directly sprung from the particular emergency encountered. This bill is the result of an Epping firefighter’s law-suit.

HB-136-L (local), relative to compensation for attendance at meetings of the county convention (your state representatives doing their county work as charged). Rockingham County currently pays representatives $15.00 a day when doing county work. Current law allows the pay to be up to $25.00 a day. This bill would have changed law to allow up to $50.00 a day. That, in my opinion, is crazy.

When someone runs to be a state representative they should know what that being a county delegate is part of their job. Bill came out of the Municipal & County Government Committee recommending Ought to Pass (OTP) 16-0, What? After short floor debate, OTP failed roll call RC 116-228, then was killed (ITL) on voice vote (VV). I was surprised that of Rockingham’s 90 representatives, 5 republicans and 6 democrats voted for this crazy bill. Guess they just want to increase your county taxes, by increasing their own pay.

HB-185-FN (fiscal note), relative to the fuel oil discharge cleanup fund. This bill increases the tax on your fuel oil by $.25 per gallon. The debate testimony revealed that the fund currently has over $400K surplus. Yet, the bill passed OTP RC 186-165, and of our 90, 3 republican and 20 democrats voted to increase the tax. Sorry taxpayers, you voted for these representatives. I don’t understand their thinking though.

HB-168-FN-A, increasing the beer tax. Bill would increase the tax on beer by 10 cents a gallon. Bill was ITL’s RC 308-35. We must be beer drinkers here in Rockingham; only two democrats voted for the tax.

Thank you to all that came out to the Alanna Fundraiser at Tuckaway Tavern. Hope you enjoyed the snow.

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