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February 7, 2013

My Opinion: February 7, 2013

By NH State Representative L. Mike Kappler
Carriage Towne News

---- — RAYMOND - Remembering back, I know I have talked at various times about a very busy committee I spent a lot of time on last year, the Redress of Grievances Committee. The former House Speaker started to address the numerous petitions that the House was receiving from various citizens of New Hampshire. The NH Constitution requires that these petitions be addressed by the legislature.

At the start of this session, our new House Speaker led the drive to repeal this committee. At our session on January 30th, six petitions were read into the House record. Of these, there was an attempt by the petitioners’ State Representatives to have them sent to a policy committee to be addressed. I was very disappointed that the Democrat leadership led the way to block these petitions from going to a committee, thus depriving the petition its just hearing, by roll call votes of RC 124-231, RC 90-246, and RC 93-243. The other three petitions were not acted on at this time. This is a pure disgrace to our State House.

The Session on January 30th was short; a few bills were passed and will move on to the Senate:

HB-111, relative to the acquisition of property at Akers pond dam in the town of Errol by the fish and game department.

HB-112-FN (fiscal note), relative to registration permit fees for special use vehicles.

HB-113, relative to lot access for erection of buildings.

HB-115, relative to the procedure for filling a vacancy on a cooperative school district budget committee.

HB-126-L (local), relative to use of revolving funds by towns for maintaining recycling programs.

HB-131-FN-L, relative to payment for medical services for county prisoners.

HB-159, requiring patriotic exercises in public schools on federal Constitution Day.

HB-160, relative to a school district’s transportation responsibility for pupils of divorced parents with joint decision making responsibility.

HB-165, establishing a committee to study the use of the sex offender registry.

HB-167, relative to notice and information provided to the victim of a person seeking parole or the victim’s next of kin.

HB-232, relative to the membership of the governor’s commission on alcohol and drug abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment.

HB-236, relative to the membership of the council on autism spectrum disorders.

Have you been to the Tuckaway Tavern yet? Well, Sun., February10, is a good opportunity to not only check out the place, but also be part of a great fundraiser. There’s a 12 year old young lady from Derry that has been in the hospital in Boston for months, very seriously ill with cancer. The doctors in Boston have done all they can for her, but there is a new hope for help in Texas.

This fundraiser for Alanna is to support her family with this venture. The fundraiser is from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission is free as is the food, and there’s a cash bar. They have raffles that include: a cruise, a week at a home on Lake Winnipesaukee, gift certificates, and others. There is also a silent auction, live entertainment and some activities for the kids.

I ask you to please come out, see the Tuckaway, and support this most worthy cause. The Tuckaway is located on Rte 27 in Raymond, just west of the intersection of Rte 27 and Rte 107, by Hannaford’s.

Hope to see you there; the family really needs help in this last pitch effort to save their little girl.

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