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December 27, 2012

My Opinion: December 27, 2012

RAYMOND – I hope and pray everyone had a Merry Christmas and that you have a “Happy and Prosperous New Year!”

So, what kind of legislation am I working on for the 2013 year? So far, I have signed off on the following:

LSR 0005 relative to custody and control of the remains of deceased persons by next of kin. This bill will add step-children in the descending order of next-of-kin, and will also require next-of-kin that refuse to cooperate to sign a notarized release.

LSR 0173 relative to the limitation of liability for negligence regarding firefighters. Changes negligent injuries conduct laws. LSR 0351 relative to oversight of guardians ad litem by the guardian ad litem board. This bill is result of study committee of GAL Board.

LSR 0352 relative to complaint investigation procedures of the guardian ad litem board. Another bill coming out of study committee.

LSR 0435 establishing the New Hampshire condominium law review board. This bill is result of study committee I chaired. AG’s office has asked for help with complaints.

LSR 0551 repealing the exotic aquatic weeks and species committee. This bill is result of being on this committee and seeing first hand that they were not filling their duties as the statue charged. Their only interest is “mil-foil” as the active members all have lakeshore properties.

LSR 0563 repealing the commission to study water infrastructure sustainability funding. Result of another commission I was on that were not filling their duties as charged. Didn’t even file required end of year final report.

These are just a start: more will follow. I have also signed off on others as a co-sponsor and will work with bill’s sponsor to get them passed.

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