, Kingston, NH

January 30, 2014

My Opinion: January 30, 2014

By NH State Rep. L. Mike Kappler
Carriage Towne News

---- — RAYMOND —The House Session on January 15th was a very long day, for only ten bills finished. A whole lot of chatter that didn’t really matter.

HB-675-FN - authorizing and regulating the use of license plate devices. After a vote of OTP-A was killed RC97-250, a motion of Indefinite Postponement (IP) passed on a D 214-135, virtually killing it. This was a bill about license plate scanning devices.

HB-326-FN - relative to licensure of polysomnographers by the board of respiratory care practitioners (BRCP). Went to Interim Study (IS) on a vote D 197-142, virtually killing it. This bill would have required persons practicing polysomnography to be licensed by the BRCP.

HB-350 - prohibiting discrimination against the unemployed. Passed OTP-A RC 179-170. Bill prohibits hiring discrimination by employers based upon an individual’s unemployment status.

SB-190-FN - relative to admission fees for certain persons at state parks and historical sites. Bill Tabled D 190-150, virtually killing it.

HB-226, establishing a committee to study the promotion of New Hampshire wines. The only good piece of legislation the whole day, passed OTP-A on a voice vote (V).

HB-331-FN - relative to wine manufacturers. Bill would have broadened the authority of wine manufacturers to sell retail and wholesale in the state. Bill killed ITL V.

HB-562 - relative to the interest rate on title loans. This was a bad bill pushed through by the Democrats about title loans, their interest cap rate, disclosure and reporting requirements. Bill passed OTP-A RC 212-129.

HB-585 - relative to insurance parity for optometrists. Another bad bill, tabled D 198-143. Bill would have required insurance companies to pay equally for optometrists and ophthalmologists.

SB-180 - establishing a recovery fund for victims of the Financial Resources Mortgage (FRM) fraud and continually appropriating a special fund. Bill tabled RC 324-10.

HB-492-FN-L - relative to the legalization and regulation of Marijuana. We killed it before they passed it. I tried unsuccessfully to have it tabled RC 113-221. It went on to pass OTP-A RC 170-162, with thank God, all three Raymond representatives voting No. Bill went to the House Ways & Means Committee as a second committee. I’ll talk about this mess when in comes back from Ways & Means. Wasted over three hours arguing over this one today, and will have to hear it all again when it comes back.

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