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February 16, 2012

My Opinion: February 16, 2012

RAYMOND — The February 1st Session started out with an odd Consent Calendar. Over half of the bills were killed. To be on Consent, a committee recommendation can only have one or two that voted against the committee majority votes; this tells me all those killed bills had non-partisan support to kill them. Also, FN bills coming from policy committees are not supposed to go on Consent.

After the Consent Calendar, we moved to those bills still pending that were removed from the January 4th Consent, so we get them finished, thus ending last year's bills.

HB-138-FN - relative to the cold case homicide unit. This bill repeals the sunset provision in the 2009 bill, allowing the cold case unit to continue for as long as funding allows. Passed OTP RC 254-93.

HB-574 - relative to the taking of private property during a state of emergency. This bill repeals the law enacted after 9/11/01, that allows the government to take private property from citizens during a state of emergency, including such things as: food, fuel, vehicles, bedding, medicines, medical supplies, etc. This was a tremendous over-reach of power that contravenes the natural right of citizens to acquire, possess and protect property iaw Article 2 of the New Hampshire Constitution. Attempt to Table failed RC 91-254. Bill passed OTP RC 257-87.

HB-121 - relative to eligibility for the property tax exemption for the disabled. This bill simply corrects an injustice to those who were not on the social security system during their employment, and allows them to apply for the tax exemption with proof of disability using the social security system criteria. A-1540h YES VV. Passed OTP-A D (division vote, count taken, but not recorded by name) 275-56.

HCR-2 - in support of the Arizona immigration law. This resolution expresses New Hampshire's support of legislation that Arizona passed to reduce the number of illegal aliens in Arizona. A-2270h YES VV. Passed RC 243-102.

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