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April 25, 2013

My Opinion: April 25, 2013


With weather, equipment breakdown, unexpected repairs, and a host of other non-planned events, I am very happy and proud of our great Director of Facilities, Planning, and IT, Jude Gates, in keeping her portion of the budget under control. Her hard work to get the wood chip program approved and implemented; the chip furnaces are really paying off, a great savings to the county taxpayer. Director Gates has always, in my seven years working with her, as the Executive Committee’s County Maintenance Sub-Committee Chair, done an excellent job. Our maintenance portion of the operating budget came in at just 22%, with a bottom line at 26%. “Congratulations, Well Done, and Thank you, Jude!” for your continued excellent service to our taxpayers.

With the FY 2013 budget totals of $77,902,007 the first quarter Exp/Recv’d, as of 3/31/13, was $19,292,380 or 25%. Well done to all involved!

As another one of our loved ones and their family are fighting, in my opinion, a marked increase in cancer diagnosis in our local area, requiring: treatment, multiple expenses, and much family trauma, I want to truly say, “Thank You!” to all that came out to this most recent fundraiser for my friend, Patsy Peno, held at the Epping American Legion. Although Patsy has long been very active with the Raymond VFW and Al, the sizes of our fraternal homes, in Raymond, were too small for this overwhelming event, with great home made food, good “Capt. Chris” music, dancing, and a lot of raffles. A great big “Thank You!” goes out to the many people, businesses, and organizations that donated many raffle items to help make this fundraiser the success that it was. Thank you all.

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