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September 20, 2012

My Opinion: September 20, 2012

RAYMOND – I want to say a “Great Big Thank You” to the voters of Raymond for re-electing me to my fourth term as one of your State Representatives. With the results of the primary election, the three representatives for Rockingham District 3, Raymond, are myself, Kathy Hoelzel, and Frank Bishop. I promise you that I will continue to hold my proud 100% attendance and voting record both at the state level and also at the county level. Many people don’t realize the importance of the county level work, but my friends, that is your county tax dollars at work.

I was in my usual corner of the sidewalk at poll entrance from before the polls opened until after they closed, and I’d bet a good 60% of those that came out to vote were senior citizens. Why? Because they can’t afford what’s going on, and are concerned about the future of our state and nation. Many stopped to speak to me about it.

Now that the Primary Election is over, the line has been drawn in the sand, between who can best run our great state. Is it the Democrats with their tax and fee increases, or the Republicans who want to continue to control spending, thus lowering your taxes and fees, that can best serve our state. This upcoming General Election will make or break America on the national level.

On the State level, will we continue controlling our spending or go back to the old Democrat way of tax and spend . We must all join together and vote for those that will: (1) Work for our religious freedoms. (2) Support our small businesses. (3) Cut spending. (4) Cut our taxes and fees. And (5) Work in the best interest of our families and our children’s future.



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