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May 9, 2013

My Opinion: May 9, 2013

RAYMOND - It’s time that the good people of New Hampshire start taking a very serious look at what the State Representatives they have elected are actually doing. The Democrats, as the current majority in the House, have been quite busy so far working to raise more taxes and fees on businesses and all the hardworking families of our state, while also working to kill some good Republican legislation that we worked hard on and got passed last term. You can look up your state representatives voting record by simply going to “nh gen court” and click on voting records.

Here are some examples, in my opinion, of the worst House bills passed and sent on to the Senate this year, and how the majority of the Democrat representatives voted:

- 96% voted to raise the gas tax (HB-617).

- 95% voted to increase the fee on home heating oil (HB-185).

- 91% voted to raise the tobacco tax (HB-659).

- 100% voted to repeal some aspects of the Voter ID law passed last term (HB-595).

- 95% voted to repeal Stand Your Ground (HB-135).

- 97% voted to repeal the Education Opportunity Tax Credit (HB-370). The Senate was wise enough to table HB-370, effectively killing it. But my issue here is how the House membership voted.

- 99% voted to allow the state to accept expanded Medicaid as part of Obama care (HB-271).

- 99% voted to kill Right to Work legislation (HB-323).

- 97% voted to pass the Democrat House version of the 2013-2014 budget, HB-1 and HB-2, that increases spending by over 16%, and includes $263M in new or increased taxes. After the Senate works these two bills over, they will come back to the

House, and I’m sure will go to a Committee of Conference to work out the differences.

So, my question is, “When will we, the taxpayer, get tired of all this foolish tax and spend rhetoric, and vote these people out of office? We really need to have people in Concord who believe in smaller government, lower fees and taxes, and truly support the working class of our great state. That is not what is happening now.

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