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May 2, 2013

My Opinion: May 2, 2013

RAYMOND - The week of April 14th was truly a week America and the world will never forget. It was truly a sad and tragic Monday the 15th, not only for Boston but for the nation, as the horrific bombings destroyed the beautiful day as thousands of runners took off running in the marathon. It is a miracle that more people were not killed or injured. With two bombs going off, it is my understanding that two more failed to detonate, which alone saved many lives.

Henri Renaud of Nashua ran in the 13th Annual Boston Marathon on April 19, 1909, is the first and only New Hampshire resident to ever win the race.

Tuesday the 16th, another major tragedy occurred in city of West Texas, TX, where a fire followed by a large explosion literally destroyed at least 50 homes, a 50-unit apartment bldg., a school, and a nursing home, killing 14 and injuring over 200. It was reported that the explosion was a 2.1 magnitude. Fires were continuing to burn as a result of gas leaks. It is not believed this tragedy is a criminal act.

The week ended with a 6.6 magnitude earthquake near the city of Ya’an in the southwestern part of China, which collapsed homes and public buildings, killing at least 203 and injuring 11,500..Also, there was gunfire, injuring two, at a “Pot Rally” in Denver, Colo., where thousands were celebrating a new pot law that recently went into effect.

One piece of good news during that week was that our State Senate was

wise enough to table (effectively kill) HB-370, on a RC 13-11, which would have repealed the new Education Opportunity Tax Credit program. This program was

just started last term, going into effect January 1, 2013. As I’ve said before, this program does not cost the state or taxpayers a cent, therefore why would some legislators want to take away this opportunity? This program gives families the ability to find an educational program best suited for their child’s needs. Why has the Governor continuously fought to have this tax credit repealed, thus refusing to give families these school choices?

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