, Kingston, NH

August 30, 2012

My Opinion: August 30, 2012

---- — RAYMOND – We are winding down to the most important primary election in recent history. Our country and our state are really at a major crossroad that only you the citizens can correct. So, where are we headed? God only knows. Everyone has an answer, but to tell you the truth, you will hear a million different answers.

Yes, we cannot all be correct, all the time, but I do know, in my honest opinion, listed below are some serious questions that you need to ask your local State Representative candidates because, if elected, they will play a major role in the next New Hampshire legislature, supposedly working for you, making some major decisions.

~ Do you truly have the: time, health, and energy; can you be there, working in your House committee, sub-committee, and at sessions three or four times a week, as needed, to do the peoples’ work, regardless of the hours involved?

~ Will your candidate pledge you and all constituents that they will be present for all their House work, including policy committee, sub-committee, and sessions, including all votes, working for their constituent?

~ Would your candidate further pledge to all constituents that they will be present for all the County work, including Delegation meetings, sub-committees, and Executive

Committees (if they’re on it), ensuring that our County budget is balanced, and quarterly on target?

~ Would your candidate pledge to work to reduce the state and county budgets, but at the same time, requiring what funds they agree to cut from the budget, they cut what that money funded?

~ With the massive new problems arising from various state departments, would your candidate agree to work to correct this growing problem? Even supporting possibly a new “Independent Inspector General”, overseeing all departments, if deemed necessary?

~ Is your candidate running as an involved special interest front man, or is he or she working for you, and their other constituents?

~ If the candidate is a prior State Representative, have you looked at their prior attendance and voting records for their previous terms? Although a continuous problem, this has become a major problem this term. Just since January, I have been sent 51 times to 13 various committees, plus I was sent to five Committee of Conference meetings to replace absent committee members. The last two times the County had very important budget work, with line item transfers to pass, we could not get a quorum at the scheduled county meetings, so meetings were called during the House session lunch breaks, requiring County personnel to come to the State House, at County taxpayers expense, to hold these meetings. Out of 88 current County representatives, we got only 47 at one meeting, and 51 at the other. The rest, were mostly present at the session, just uninterestedly, left the hall and didn’t bother to attend these important budget meetings. In my opinion, this is serious problem, we are talking your tax dollars...

~ How long has your candidate lived in your community? Only a couple years? Are they just an ‘implant’ pushing a personal agenda? There have been some serious issues worked on this past term, drawing unknowns out of the woodwork. Be cautious!

~ Ask them how a dream becomes a bill: what is the process, how much is involved, who has to walk the bill through the system? Do they have the: experience, time, and energy to do it? Some bills can be a lot of work. How about other legislator supporters: do they know any? Getting a bill passed requires team work.

~ As for legislative bills, does your candidate even have any ideas of bills they plan on bringing up in the next session? What are they about?

Be sure and ask the candidates these very important questions. And listen carefully to their answers.

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