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June 5, 2014

My Opinion: June 5, 2014

RAYMOND —It is with deep sadness that we must say “Goodbye” to the Carriage Towne News Publisher Electra Alessio.

Ellie and her husband started this paper years ago to serve our towns here in Rockingham County, and have done an excellent job bringing us the local news. I want to personally say “Thank You - efharisto” for allowing me to write this weekly article for the past eight years. I have tried to explain some of the happenings at the State House and other local Raymond news to you.

We welcome Elisha Blaisdell as the new editor and wish her well. Elisha has been with the paper for years and will step right in, doing an excellent job.

Electra, “We Thank You Very Much”! for your years of hard work giving us our weekly paper. “Good Luck!” “Efharistoomay poli’, kali tihi’”! Enjoy your retirement Ellie.

In my eight years as a State Representative, this 2014 House Session year has been the worst year for legislation in the best interest of the people and businesses of our great state of New Hampshire. As an example look at HB-367-FN-A, the gas tax increase bill.

What will this bill, that passed, and surely will be signed by the Governor, do for the businesses and families of our state? As I see it, and yes I voted against it, it will do no good. The road tax is only supposed to be used for road repair and upgrade but it’s not. It’s spent elsewhere.

Haven’t we wasted enough money on Route 93 yet? I think so. What this increase will really do is: (1) Cause a loss of business for the fuel stations along our state’s borders. (2) It will cost more driving to work, or taking the kids to school. (3) It will cost more for a family weekend trip for your vehicle and boat. (4) It will increase the cost of transporting goods to market, which will be passed on to the purchaser, raising the cost of all the items we buy.

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