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May 22, 2014

My Opinion: May 22, 2014

RAYMOND - Yes Raymond, with the blessings of my lovely wife Terri, and my family, I am declaring my candidacy to run for re-election for one of the Raymond State Representative seats in the upcoming elections.

I truly believe I have been serving Raymond very well for the past 8 years at both the State and County levels. By giving my 150% at all times, having perfect attendance, and a perfect voting record at all my House committee work and sessions, and at the County, I have gained the respect of my fellow legislators as a committed Representative, who is always there, and ready to serve the people.

At the State, I have served as House Assistant Majority and Minority Whips, House Committee Whips for RR&D and Judiciary Committees, and Vice Chairman of RR&D Committee.

A committee quorum is required when voting a bill out of a committee to the House floor. I am often appointed as a “1-Day Substitute” to a committee, filling in for an absent committee member. In 2012 alone, I was sent to over 25 committees for a total of 106 times, in addition to all my other committee work. I enjoyed doing this: getting the opportunity to see how the other committees work; getting to work with different legislators; learning more about the various State departments, and learning the laws and statues of our state.

As a State Representative you are also a County Delegate responsible for the County budget and other matters. I have been serving as the Chairman of the County Maintenance Sub-committee for 6 years, which puts me also on the County Executive Committee. My committee goes through our part of the budget with the Director of Facilities, line item by line item, and vote to recommend it to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets, and we go through the whole budget, make any needed changes and recommend it to the full Delegation, who votes to approve it. I review my part of the budget quarterly, call a meeting of my committee if needed, then report at the quarterly Executive Committee meeting.

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