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May 15, 2014

My Opinion: May 15, 2014

RAYMOND - I want to sincerely say “Thank You” to Pastor Kevin McBride and the Raymond Baptist Church for hosting their annual National Day of Prayer breakfast. This annual breakfast is done to express their appreciation to the Town of Raymond’s men and women who hold a public office or job...Selectmen, fire, police, safety, school, town, and state officials. The breakfast is free and open to church family and public as well. They served a very wonderful meal. Thank you to all the kitchen help; it was an excellent breakfast.

The breakfast was followed by a noon National Day of Prayer service on the Raymond common. This service gives people of all faiths, the opportunity to come together, so that with one mind and one voice we may pray together. Pastor McBride and four local pastors; Ken Bosse, Ginny Slawnwaite, Kent Threlfall, and Ed Whitman, shared in praying for: the people of Raymond; mothers; fathers; children; town; town workers; state and federal elected; our military, both veterans and active duty; the un and under employed; our nation; and the world. The closing prayer was the “2014 National Prayer” by Anne Graham Lotz, sister of Billy Graham, the 2014 Honorary Chairwoman.

Again, “‘A Big Thank You’ to Pastor McBride, the Raymond Baptist Church, and the Raymond Area Clergy Group for hosting this fine day of prayer. Well done to all!

The Rockingham County Executive Committee met on May 2nd to review the first quarter of the County budget. We had 13 of the 20 member committee present. We had a very good first quarter with the Grand Total Appropriations at 32%. Even with the winter we had, our Engineering Maintenance Department, where I am the sub-committee chair, line came in at 30%. We now, for the first time in a couple years, are fully staffed in maintenance which will help to keep costs down also. I am very proud of the hard work our Facilities Director Jude Gates does with this department.

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