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April 24, 2014

My Opinion: April 24, 2014


SB-151-FN, relative to the payment of witness fees and other fees for services in criminal cases. Bill clarifies the procedure for payment of witnesses in criminal cases, and also clarifies payment for services in a post-conviction proceeding. Out of my Judiciary Committee, this bill, with good intent could cost you the taxpayer up to $1M per year in non-budgeted expenses in protracted proceedings related to death penalty appeals. Voting no, the Dems pushed bill through OTP-A D 195-124.

SB-209, expanding the good Samaritan law to engineers and architects. This bill was not necessary. In my committee, we heard no testimony related to cases where any professional was sued for rendering services which would be covered under this bill. We did hear of over 40 professionals already certified to work with the state office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. We were able to kill bill ITL D 214-113.

SB-295, prohibiting an employer from using credit history in employment decisions. Bill creates yet another protected class that can sue for imagined discrimination in employment, violating federal law in the process. Employers must be able to use all the tools they need to ensure their employees are suited for the job. I voted no, but Dems. pushed it though OTP-A RC 192-142.

SB-390, (new title) prohibiting discrimination against employees who are victims of domestic violence and establishing a committee to study the protection of employees from domestic violence. Bill creates yet another protected class that can sue for imagined discrimination in employment. Employers do not need any further restrictions on who they choose to hire, they need the best person for the job they can find. I voted no, Dems. pushed it though OTP RC 186-153. Bill went to Criminal Justice Committee as 2nd committee.

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